Monday, 13 December 2010

Angelina wears Tom Davies sunglasses in 'The Tourist'

Angelina Jolie wearing Tom Davies sunglasses in 'The Tourist'
Shining the spotlight on London glasses designer Tom Davies, Angelina Jolie wears his Limited Edition frame in ‘The Tourist’.

Angelina is seen on-screen wearing a pair of custom-made sunglasses by the British designer, whose bespoke studio is based in south west London.

Her sunglasses, an oversized retro-style, are from a 'limited edition' collection of 200 pairs costing £220 upwards.

Muse front man Matthew Bellamy also has a penchant for Tom Davies sunglasses, and has been wearing them on tour. Rowan Atkinson and Kevin Spacey are also fans of the young Brit super stars shades.

Would you like to see Tom Davies added to our list of designer brands?

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