Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sex and the City 3 plans dropped

Sarah Jessica Parker in the Ray-Ban 4099All plans for a third instalment have been shelved after the sequel received scathing reviews.

After 12 years, 94 episodes and two blockbuster movies, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are out of work, reports the Daily Mail.

Entertainment Weekly said of the film, 'SATC 2 transformed four once mildly likeable characters into rancid, obliviously over entitled grotesques.'

The film also performed disappointingly at the box office, coming in third in the U.S on its opening weekend and taking in $37million compared to the first movie which raked in $57million.

Everybody had hoped that there would be a third instalment of the smash hit to complete a big-screen trilogy - even the cast.

SJP recently said, 'I hope Carrie will live on.'
And John Corbett, who plays Aiden Shaw, said, 'I think the girls are up for [another movie] and Michael Patrick King has lots of ideas.'

Grazia reports that SJP has been hard hit by the decision to bring an end to SATC.

A source told the publication, 'SJP did not see this coming,'

'She has been in tears about it all.'

Ray-Ban sunglasses collection - Ray-Ban 4099

Ray-Ban 4099 Gradient Grey
Not for the shy, Sarah Jessica Parker stands out from the crowd in Ray-Ban 4099, a single lens shield with a large contoured eye shape. Retro and round sunglasses are big this season but the visor still shines bright.
Ray-Ban 4099 is a large contoured square shape in a trendy wrap. The thick line of propionate emphasises the lens shape of this strong and athletic style. It is worth remembering that all Ray-Ban lenses are UV protected for maximum protection as well as style. This Ray-Ban shield hugs the face and protects even at the edges. The 4099 is ideal for those with an active lifestyle or an
advanced sense of style. For SJP it is the ideal accessory.
This hot fashion pick comes in an array of colours including deep red, shiny black, gradient brown, black and gradient grey – as seen on SJP. Other celebrities who have worn this type of style include Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, that value tradition but also have a taste for fashion. Walk confidently with this stylish shield on your face. Who would mess with someone like that? Nobody, that’s who.

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Eclipse gets rave reviews

Kristen Stewart in the Ray-Ban 2140 WayfarerEclipse, the third instalment in The Twilight Saga based on the novels by Stephanie Meyer, has received rave reviews ahead of its opening this weekend.

The film has received positive comments from the papers Variety and Hollywood Reporter, which suggest the film is the best in the series so far.

Peter Debruge says in Variety, ‘finally feels more like the blockbuster this top-earning franchise deserves … Despite the somewhat simple-minded source, the
producers plot everything as if it were a strategic game of chess’

‘Eclipse feels the most cinematic of the series so far.’

A view echoed by Kirt Honeycutt of the Hollywood Reports, who thinks ‘Eclipse [is] a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer's novels with the movies' supernatural trappings’.

The film critic especially likes its light sense of humour, highlighting dialogue that vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) says to Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) about werewolf Jacob Black (Taylour Lautner) ‘Doesn't he own a shirt?’

Out of the three main characters it is Taylor who is picked out, ‘[He] nearly steals the movie with his ripped muscle and steely acting. He definitely has the 'it' factor Hollywood always looks for.’

Eclipse opens in the US this Friday and in the UK on 9 July.
Ray-Ban sunglasses collection - Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer
Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer Comics Top BlackRay-Ban 2140 Wayfarer Comics Top Black
The Wayfarer is one of the most successful frame styles in the history of eyewear, a rare retro classic inspired the 1950s so popular with celebrities and Ray-Ban fans alike.
Ray-Ban released its mythical Wayfarer in the 1950s, a decade of profound change, or at least development, because fashion was becoming increasingly important. Sunglasses were beginning to be perceived as an essential fashion accessory, thanks, in no small part, to James Dean who wore a pair of oversized black wayfarers in the 1955 film Rebel without a Cause. Sunglasses were no longer just objects to be worn for practical reasons.
Like many other Ray-Ban models, the Wayfarer has a simple design and is so easy to wear, which is available to buy from Sunglasses Shop in an array of sizes and colours.

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Monday, 28 June 2010

Katie Price reveals name of new single

Katie Price in the Dolce&Gabbana 4057 Katie Price has unveiled the artwork for hr debut solo single, Free to Love Again – the exact phrase her ex-husband Peter Andre was reported to have said when their divorce was finalised.

The single cover shows the former glamour model with her favourite flash eyelashes and plumped lips.

It also features the Katie Price trademark, which the model has used on most of her merchandise, in the top left corner.

A sample of the track has also been released on online retailer Amazon, which reveals it as a club-style 'anthem', with Katie's voice apparently synthesised to match the style of the song.

The track, which is scheduled for release in July, features lyrics such as, 'Not the one you're looking for, let me save you from your pain. It's time for me to let you go so you're free to love again.'
Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses collection - Dolce&Gabbana 4057
Dolce and Gabbana 4057 Special Edition Pink on BannerDolce and Gabbana 4057 Special Edition Pink on Banner
Katie Price is always in the public eye whether she wants to be or not. With so much attention she needs a decent pair of shades to disguise her eyes behind. She owns a whole batch of shades from Ray-Ban to Dior. This time she opts for a special edition pair of Dolce&Gabbana 4057 sunnies in vivid red. They stand out wonderfully on her face and are guaranteed to get people talking for all the right reasons.
If you want to make a statement, then these are certainly the shades to do it in. Not only is the bright colouring noticeable at first glance, but they are decorated with Italian flags on the centre of the frame and on the arms, as well as the entire outer edge of the frame. It’s an aviator model handmade from acetate and has rounded teardrop shaped lenses. They are complimented with
violet lens tints for a lovely touch. A Dolce&Gabbana logo in metal completes the temples.

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Friday, 25 June 2010

Michael Jackson sells 4 million albums in the year since his death

Michael Jackson in the Ray-Ban 3025 AviatorMichael Jackson has made £657 million since his death a year ago today.

A staggering 4 million of his albums have been sold around the world, plus a million more by the Jackson Five and the Jacksons, making approximately
£250 million in album sales.

About £3.3million was also made from ringtone sales in America.

Add in 12.9 million track downloads in the U.S over the past year, along with 26.5 million in international downloads, and that is another £23 million.

His executors have reportedly paid off nearly £136 million off his £340 million debt.

There is also £1.3 million from digital performance royalties from music subscription services and £3 million from global digital performances, making a total of £291 million.

Michael died of cardiac arrest at his home. The exact cause of his death is still not known.

During his time on earth, the singer sold more than 750million albums and was the proud owner of 13 Grammy awards. His signature vocals, dance moves, and the way he dressed have influenced pop culture throughout the world and he will sorely be missed.

Ray-Ban sunglasses collection - Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
Ray-Ban 3025 aviatorRay-Ban 3025 aviator
It is hard to imagine something so current as old, but the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator was created shortly before World War II, 1939. The Ray-Ban Aviator is the epitome of cool and throws down the gauntlet in terms of style. Its teardrop shaped lenses have shaded some of the most famous faces in modern history including the great King of Pop. The Aviator has a classic style that no other sunglass can touch. The frame is beautifully shaped and has a thin metal wire frame that serves to flatter. The Ray-Ban signature logo on the lens adds a note of authenticity and accentuates the timeless shaping. With its thin metal wire frame and teardrop shaped lenses this statement shade cannot be mistaken.

The 3025 Aviator is one of many iconic styles taken from the Ray-Ban sunglasses collection and comes in a number of ways for you to choose from. Legendary, timeless and original - three words to perfectly describe these sunglasses.

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Has Megan Fox had plastic surgery?

Megan Fox in the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Megan Fox has sparked speculation that she has had plastic surgery after appearing gaunt at the premiere of her new movie Jonah Hex.

The Sun newspaper described the 24-year-old as having 'utterly smooth, mask like features' that looked like the affects of a cosmetic procedure.

The publication also said that the actress appeared to have ‘a slight trout pout' caused by possible collagen injections and that her breasts were 'rigid'
and 'gravity defying.'

An onlooker said of her appearance, ‘Megan looked gorgeous - everyone's jaws hit the floor. But her boobs didn't look natural.’

Another source added, ‘Megan was so naturally sexy - that's why she was considered the best-looking woman on Earth. But recently she's looked too skinny, stiff and a little fake.’

Megan, who recently announced her engagement to long term boyfriend Brian Austin Smith, has since revealed she is more in love with her fiancée than ever before.

She told People magazine, ‘We're just even more committed to each other than we always have been. I'm more in love with him now than I was in the beginning.’

She also said of their nuptials, ‘It's not going to be a big wedding. I'm not one of those girls - if it happens, it will be very low-key and quick and unplanned.’

Ray-Ban sunglasses collection – Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Arista W3281Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Arista W3281
The Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, as seen on Megan Fox, is synonymous with Top Gun star Tom Cruise and the all American macho male yet is unisex and worn by women around the world. All the Hollywood guys and dolls own aviators now but so few own the great Ray-Ban Aviator. Those on the ball are the gorgeous Anna Friel, Katie Holmes and Dakota Flanning. This distinctive sunglass has also been seen on David Beckham, Ronan Keating and John Candy, another timeless Ray-Ban classic but with that little bit extra.
There is no hotter way to pay homage to your favourite celebrity than by wearing the cool sunglasses they wear. And while some put on a specific brand for big sponsorship money, they will not put on a lame pair for any amount of dough.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Katie Price perfumes pulled from Superdrug

Katie Price in the D&G 3041High street beauty chain Superdrug has pulled Katie Price perfumes from shelves because of ‘ethical’ reasons.

It follows a report in The Observer newspaper claiming Indian workers making the Stunning and Besotted perfumes were paid less than the minimum wage.

A spokesperson for the high street store said that because of their ‘robust ethical trading policy’ it had decided to pull the fragrances.

‘As a business, we have a robust ethical trading policy so that our customers can be confident that they are buying products that are made in an ethical way.'
‘Therefore, we have taken the decision to remove Katie Price's fragrances from our shelves at this time while we conduct an investigation.’

A spokesperson for the reality TV star said in a statement, ‘Following a press report about the production of Katie Price's perfume bottles by the Pragati Glass Company, we can confirm that this factory in India is no longer used as a source of component.

‘The production of the bottle, its packaging, filling and finishing has been moved from India to the UK and France.

‘We would like to reiterate as always that all products manufactured for Katie Price, or third parties working on behalf of Katie Price, have a checking policy that ensures health, safety and ethical trading guidelines are met and in most cases are exceeded.

‘We are investigating if and how this has occurred in these circumstances.’
D&G sunglasses collection – D&G 3041

D&G 3041 Fuxia on PinkD&G 3041 Fuxia on Pink
Katie Price knows a great pair of sunglasses when she sees them. The mum-of-three is snapped in a pair of D&G 3041 sunnies in fuxia on pink- another great model to add to her growing collection.

D&G 3041 is outstanding. It’s crafted from acetate and features a thick straight brow line, which stands out through use of lined colour contrast. The middle piece of the brow slightly dips inwards and the frame is based on the shape of a wayfarer. A gradient tint completes the overall look. Retro temples get gradually thinner towards the tips and are completed with a metal D&G
emblem. A tiny metal plaque is situated on the arm interior and built in nose pads provide an extra luxurious fit. This sunglass is completely original and ideal for the attention seeking glamour model. The stripes on the brow echo a slightly sporty vibe, but as Katie demonstrates you don’t need to be athletic to wear them. They also come in a range of other cool colour combinations including cream on brown, pink on Havana, violet on black and white on black.

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

David Beckham may be called as a defence witness in fan case

David Beckham in the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator David Beckham may be called to take the stand as a defence witness for the football fan who stumbled into the England team's dressing who is facing a trial for trespassing.

The 32-year-old will be tried after finding himself among the players after the England World Cup match against Algeria last Friday.

Last night, his solicitor told the Daily Mail he had not ruled out calling the football star, or any other England player, to support the claims of his client;
that he stumbled in on the team by accident after getting lost on his way to the toilet.

He said, 'If I think it were in the interest of our client's defence we would consider calling to give evidence whoever is relevant.'

Pavlos Joseph claims he found himself confronting the England team 45 minutes after the match and is thought to have told Beckham: 'David, we've spent a lot of money getting here. This is a disgrace. What are you going to do about it?'

Beckham said the incident had been 'blown out of proportion'.
Ray-Ban sunglasses collection - Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Arista W3234Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Arista W3234
The Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, as seen on David Beckham, is the soul of the Ray-Ban sunglasses collection. So popular is the original aviator, in fact, it ow represents a complete family of models: Caravan, Cockpit, CATS, Outdoorsman. Teardrop shaped lenses make the original Aviator instantly recognisable and are available in three different versions, non-polarised, polarised and mirrored, which help to reduce glare from shiny, reflective surfaces.
Since 1937, Ray-Ban has been using high-quality materials to create ultra-resistant, ergonomic and unique sunglass frames and, naturally, lenses that provide clear and perfect vision in any light condition. In glaring light conditions where real vision is impaired, as is the case in the common phenomenon of polarisation, optimum vision is especially important. Polarised
light reflects off of any surface: water, snow, ice, as well as hot asphalt roads and sand. To counteract this phenomenon a quality lens must come between the polarised light and the eye to shield the distortions of the light and enable ideal vision. Ray-Ban polarized lenses, a legend within a legend, are the result of exclusive technology and craftsmanship that block glare and

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Stella McCartney expecting fourth child

Stella McCartney in the Stella McCartney 3002London fashion and accessories designer Stella McCartney is expecting her fourth child, it has been announced.

The 38-year-old and her husband Alasdhair Willis already have two sons, Miller, five, and Beckett, two, and a three-year-old daughter, Bailey.

However, back in February admitted to wanting more children ‘'I'm kind of interested in having more children. Though right now I feel like I've only just
stopped having them, so I'm ready to have a bit of a break first.'

A source close to the sunglass designer told the Daily Mail, 'Stella loves the idea of having a closeknit family, just like the one she grew up in. She's a great mum. She has been telling all her friends the good news.'

A spokesman for Miss McCartney declined to comment last night.

Stella McCartney sunglasses collection – Stella McCartney 3002
Stella McCartney 3002 BrownStella McCartney 3002 Brown

Stella McCartney launched her self-titled fashion line in 1995 before being later appointed chief designer at the French fashion house Chloe. The mother-of-three has also designed several collections for Adidas and Puma, as well as a sell-out line for popular high street chain H&M. Needless to say Stella McCartney is something of a fashion genius and is on every red carpet
celebrity’s speed dial. True Blood actress Anna Paquin, for example, wore a stunning gold Stella McCartney gown at the 2010 Golden Globes. Country singer Carrie Underwood is also a big fan, as well as pop star Jennifer Lopez who was recently spotted carrying a Stella McCartney Chain-Detail Tote, the bag of the moment.

She has a money-can’t-buy-knack of not only knowing what will be cool next, but what will be cool next such as the Stella McCartney 3002, the stylish new way to protect your eyes from the sun.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Kate Hudson dating Muse front man

Kate Hudson in the Carrera Exchange 3 aviatorKate Hudson is reportedly dating Muse front man Matt Bellamy.

The couple - who are thought to have been secretly dating for almost a month - and were first photographed together last week in New York.

The actress jetted to France, where Matt was performing with Muse, where they were later pictured enjoying a romantic stroll before they had lunch with Renee Zelleweger and Bradley Cooper.

Kate – who has been single since splitting from US baseball player Alex Rodriguez in December. - has since flown back to New York to shoot movie
Something Borrowed.

A representative for Muse told Now Online that she does not comment on the band’s personal lives.

Carrera sunglasses collection – Carrera Exchange 3
Carrera Exchange 3 Black MatteCarrera Exchange 3 Black Matte

As well as acting, Kate Hudson also has a passion for fashion. The blonde bombshell has shown us two variations on summer style in the past couple of weeks, from rocking the bow embellished Chanel 5179 to pulling off the Stella McCartney 4001, a futuristic aviator frame.

Her latest look features a pair of black linen trousers worn with an off the shoulder top with a drawstring waist. She wears the Carrera the Exchange 3 in black matte, the latest look from the Carrera Lifestyle collection.

Aviators are hugely in fashion at the moment, which first became popular in the nineteen thirties after US army fighter pilots and servicemen wore them, but the Exchange 3 is no old throw-back. It is only a matter of time until we see these on the faces of celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton.

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ashley Greene: 'I don't want a child's body'

Ashley Greene in the Diesel 0204Twilight actress Ashley Greene admits that she does not want a super skinny frame.

The 23-year-old told Women’s Health, ‘A lot of people like to be supertiny, but I don't want a child's body,’

‘I want a woman's body that's extremely fit. It's so much sexier.’

The brunette bombshell did ‘side planks for my obliques, which are one of my trouble areas’ while gearing up for the action scenes with co-star Kellan Lutz in Eclipse.

'And traditional planks tone your back so you don't have that little bit of fat hanging over your bra,'
However, says that even though she is an avid gym-goer, she is not one to count calories, ‘I don't do the diet thing anymore,’

‘I'm a big believer in feeding your body what it needs. Deny yourself something and you're going to end up shoving your face full of it.’

Diesel sunglasses collection – Diesel 0204
Diesel 0204 FuchsiaDiesel 0204 Fuchsia

The 0204, as seen on Ashley Greene, makes use of the stylish and classical wayfarer style. The frame features a circular lens in a lightweight acetate frame which gently enhances and accentuates the overall shape. The arms of the sunglasses are a thick and bevelled streamline shape with the Diesel logo on the temple that enhances the frames authentic appeal.

These striking shades are available in three colours. The 0204 L0N uses the combination of a violet frame with a gradient brown lens and a deep red Diesel logo that seamlessly blends into the arm. Another cool colour combination is used on the ‘0204 L0P’, a fluorescent fuchsia frame with pretty pink lenses and black signature logo that connotes passion and glamour. The final frame available is the ‘0204 L0M’ an ideal frame for summer. This sassy shades features a white frame with gradient grey lenses and teal detailing that guarantees to turn heads.

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Katie Price to release solo single

Katie Price in the D&G 3041Katie Price has revealed she will be releasing her debut solo single next month.

She told fans on Twitter, 'I can at last reveal my first solo single is out Monday 12 July. I love the tune and hope you guys do too xxx'

The 32-year-old is due to give her first official TV performance of the track on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.
Alan Carr told the Daily Mirror, ‘She and Alex are coming on the second show in the new series and Katie is threatening to perform her new disco number. It'll make for good viewing anyway.’

Her attempt to make a name for herself as a solo singer in 2005 was less than successful.

She was widely mocked when she put herself forward to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

Katie recently has since revealed she considers Eurovision to be one of the 'biggest mistakes' of her career.

Despite her lack of musical success, Katie is determined to make it as a singer.

D&G sunglasses collection – D&G 3041
D&G 3041 Pink on HavanaD&G 3041 Pink on Havana

Katie Price has channelled every look imaginable, from cartoon character to glamour girl, and is never afraid to embrace her wild side and follow the advice of her stylist as her choice in eyewear shows.

D&G is the sister line of Dolce&Gabbana, which Sunglasses Shop also stocks, but is its own individual designer brand. D&G produce designer fashion products which appeal to a younger target audience including eyewear with a cutting edge design that does not follow current trends. It sets them.

Domencio Dolce and Stefano Gabbana must have been feeling bold when they brain stormed for this daring design, which is for those more courageous characters who want to wear a pair of head turning frames. The 3041 is ideal for Katie. The bold but simplistic style is handcrafted from generous acetate which features subtle branding on the arms with the use of the D&G logo to represent complete authenticity.

Within the 3041 there is a combination of cool colours and shades to choose from. Whichever colour appeals to you, be rest assured you will be investing in a seriously stylish pair of sunglasses that will provide full protection for your eyes and exceptional style.

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nicole Scherzinger has an eye for Halle Berry

Nicole Scherzinger in Gucci 2861 sunglassesNicole Scherzinger has admitted to a girl crush on Halle Berry as she stripped off for a sexy photo shoot with Maxim magazine.

The Pussycat Doll revealed Halle Berry is her number one woman:, ‘She's just naturally gorgeous. I love her smile.’

‘Wait, I sound like a dude; I've got to snap out of it!’

However, Nicole is happily settled with boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, and revealed details of their relationship, ‘He's more afraid when he's with me and I'm driving than he is during a race.

‘He gives me pointers, but at the end of the day he's like, 'Babe, you're driving with your knees'. I'm doing my make-up, changing the radio. I guess it's appropriate that I just did a song with Slash and Alice Cooper called Baby Don't Drive.’
Gucci sunglasses collection - Gucci 2861 sunglasses
Gucci 2861 BlackGucci 2861 Black
Interlacing double Gs make Gucci sunglasses instantly recognisable, which appear on the temple of the 2861, as seen on Nicole Scherzinger. The interlacing logo has been reconfigured and redesigned on numerous occasions, it has been inverted, abstracted, stamped onto suede and printed on silks, but nothing compares to the stunning originality of the Gucci logo in metal form. The iconic double G makes a subtle and chic statement on these enlarged frames, which also
feature the Gucci signature logo on the inside arm.
The 2861 is available from Sunglasses Shop in an array of colours ranging from black and white, to violet and dark havana. The Gucci logo also plays a crucial role in the making of the 2862, a
smaller, squarer version of the 2861 – perfect for those with smaller face shapes - that makes a stunning addition to any wardrobe.

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Courtney Cox reveals how Jennifer Aniston stays so skinny

Jennifer Aniston is famed for her fad diets but best friend Courtney Cox Arquette has revealed the secret to her slim line frame.

The Scream actress says that the 41-year-old ate and prepared the same chicken and avocado salad every day for 10 years when they were in Friends.

The 45-year-old told the Metro, ‘Jennifer, Lisa Kudrow and I always had the same thing.’

'It was a Cobb salad that Jennifer doctored up with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans and I don’t know what.’

Last month it was claimed that Jennifer had embarked on a ‘baby food cleanse’ diet after being introduced to it by personal trainer Tracy Anderson, who has also worked with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Chanel sunglasses collection – Chanel 5076H
Chanel 5076H Dark BrownChanel 5076H Dark Brown
For former Friends star Courtney Cox Arquette there is only one shade to be seen in this season. Making an appearance on the Scream actress is the frame of a brand that is both classic and chic, and that it is Chanel. Who else?
Everyone has a soft spot Chanel. The 5076H is one of the most iconic in the Chanel collection. That sophisticated style. That double C emblem. All of it makes us fall in love with the Chanel sun collection all over again. Not that any of us need prompting. The beautiful 5076H is a truly stunning frame and one that we never tire of wearing.
Choose these seriously sophisticated authentic designer sunglasses and you will be in good company. Heidi Montag, Eva Longoria and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katie Price, Ashley Tisdale, Elle Macpherson and Paris Hilton, are among the hot Hollywood celebrities who have made the multi purpose 5076H an essential part of their everyday look. Sunglasses Shop stocks the 5076H in three colours, shiny black, havana and dark brown, that will have you standing out in confidence.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Has Lindsay Lohan already fallen off the wagon?

Lindsay Lohan has broken the terms of a court order after an alcohol-monitoring device (SCRAM bracelet) indicated she had been drinking.

Her bail has now doubled to $200,000 (£138,390).

Her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, issued a statement saying the device had detected the ‘presence of a small amount of alcohol’ on Sunday night.

The device is punishment for missing a court hearing relating to a drink driving charge, which is designed to test the skin for alcohol every half hour by
sampling his or her perspiration. There are also sensors that check for tampering.

‘Having just received the report, I am not in a position to speak to its accuracy or validity, however Ms Lohan maintains that she has been in complete compliance with all of the terms of her probation and her bail,’ her lawyer said.

The actress, who has been on probation since August 2007 after pleading guilty to misdemeanour drug charges and no contest to three driving charges, said it was ‘physically impossible’ for the bracelet to have given a positive result.

The actress is now due back in court on 6 July, when the judge will decide whether she violated her probation.

The 23-year-old is facing jail time if it is decided she failed to comply with the terms of her probation.

Gucci sunglasses collection – Gucci 3100
Gucci 3100 Transparent BlueGucci 3100 Transparent Blue
It can be hard to find an aviator that enables you to sand out, given that the aviator is such a popular frame. Gucci 3100 combines vintage inspiration and sizzling studs for an assertive edge that is bound to get you noticed. The revolutionary and iconic aviator has been a worldwide bestseller since 1937 and shows no sign of slowing down, so you can be rest assured that your investment is safe from being pulled over by the fashion police.
This hot piece of hardware comes in a luxurious selection of colours. Be prepared to be seduced by rich and sumptuous hues like transparent blue and violet. Purchase a pair by any means for this Gucci sun shade is simply the best.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Breaking Dawn will be split into two films

Robert Pattinson in Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster sunglassesThe final instalment in the popular Twilight film franchise will be split into two films, Summit Entertainment has announced.

‘The project, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' series, is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg with Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt and Stephenie Meyer producing. 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' will
start production in the fall’ said the film studio in a statement.

Summit Entertainment had previously suggested that the 900 page Breaking Dawn was too complex to be made into one film, which focuses on the marriage of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

The first half of Breaking Dawn has been scheduled for release in November 2011. No date has been set for the fifth film.

The announcement comes just weeks before the third film, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is released at the end June.

Ray-Ban sunglasses collection - Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster
Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Black PolarisedRay-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Black Polarised
Ray Ban Clubmaster is all the range with a distinctive brow line and retro spring hinge. Clubmaster was the star of the 50s and 90s, and will rise into 2010. They immediately take you back to a time when the music was good and have a sense of individuality that no aviator, wayfarer or wrap around has. Retro is respectively cool and Ray Ban Clubmaster should be part of your collection, but don’t just take our word for it.
Ashlee Simpson, Beyonce Knowles, Mischa Barton, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Joshua Jackson, Kevin Jonas, Chase Crawford, Ed Westwick, Lady GaGa, Fearne Cotton, Leighton Meester, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Mary Kate Olsen, Kristen Stewart and Sienna Miller have all been photographed in the Ray-Ban Clubmaster.

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Kate Hudson shows off her cheeky side

Kate Hudson wearing Chanel 5179 sunglassesKate Hudson made David Letterman smile with a sexy preview of her new horror movie, The Killer Inside Me.

The actress was a guest on his US chat show last night, where she showed the host a clip from the film showing her prancing around in just a bra.

Speaking about the movie, she told David, 'There was one scene where [co-star] Casey [Affleck] had to spank me 20 times.

'It was horrible - during it - but afterwards we thought it was funny'.

After the interview, Kate attended the launch of Stella McCartney 2011 Spring Presentation in the West Village.

The Killer Inside Me is based on a 1952 novel by Jim Thompson and centres on the vicious killing of a prostitute.

Casey plays a deputy sheriff in Texas, while Kate plays his long-term girlfriend Amy.

The Killer Inside Me was released in the UK yesterday and will be released in US cinemas on June 18.
Chanel sunglasses collection – Chanel 5179
Chanel 5179 Light HornChanel 5179 Light Horn
Chanel is a mainstay for Kate Hudson. The actress has been seen in Chanel on a many number of occasions, including the sequin Chanel mini dress she wore to the Nine New York premiere in December. Here the Bride Wars star illustrates the timeless beauty of the 5179 taken from the new Chanel Ruban Metal collection. The Ruban, ribbon in French, is the ultimate fashion accessory and the centre piece of the Chanel collection.
The Chanel Ruban Metal collection is a wonderful example of the eternal elegance of Chanel. Other Ruban Metal styles include the beautiful 4181, 5178 and 4180, which are sleeker and squarer in comparison to the 4182. The Chanel Ruban Metal collection is presented in a breathtaking assortment of colours including sumptuous sand and light horn. Chanel eyewear has an irresistible style (if the large number of Chanel Ruban sunglasses sold is anything to go by) and the Metal Ruban collection demonstrates this perfectly.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Cheryl Cole crowned Woman of the Year

Cheryl Cole in John Galliano Les Biches sunglassesSinger and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole was named Woman of the Year at the 2010 Glamour Awards last night, which was held in Berkeley Square in London.

Her soon to be ex-husband, Ashley Cole, is in South Africa as part of the England World Cup squad. She announced divorce proceedings last month.

BBC television presenter Christine Bleakley, the driving force behind the One Show, won Presenter of the Year.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl star Billie Piper won UK TV Actress of the Year, while the US version went to Glee star Lea Michele.

There were also awards for Fearne Cotton (Radio Personality of the Year), X Factor winner Alexandra Burke (Newcomer of the Year) and Dannii Minogue (TV Personality of the Year).

Fashion awards went to Mulberry's Emma Hill (Accessory Designer of the Year) and Nicole Richie (Entrepreneur of the Year).

The award for Outstanding Contribution went to Yoko Ono.

John Galliano sunglasses collection - John Galliano Les Biches

John Galliano 0001 Purple Pink GradientJohn Galliano 0001 Purple Pink Gradient
The Galliano range is highly coveted, and with good reason – known for being experimental, Galliano is an exciting designer. His haute couture designs are bold, breathtaking and ahead of the times, which, when translated to sunglasses, are wearable and fluid. For the collection the celebrated British designer, who is also the head of Dior, went back to his roots, drawing inspiration from his Spanish heritage for sunglasses that tell a story as well as stand out.

The Les Biches is a stunner of a frame and now destined to become a summer style essential thanks to our girl Cheryl, who sizzles in this large wrap around model. This seductive style comes in an array of colours to suit all skin tones, so you can be sure that it looks as good on Cheryl as it does on you. Choose from classic colours like light havana, brown and black, or more modern colours such as white, brown orange or purple pink gradient – as seen on everybody’s
favourite X Factor judge. The dark and sultry lenses seamlessly blend into the frame that fades from greys to pink, giving the illusion of softly blushed cheeks. An ornate cutaway detail decorates the temple and is stamped with the Galliano seal of approval - the JG logo, which is positioned on the end of the temple tip. For sunglasses with added wow factor choose the Les Biches by John Galliano, a brilliant, elegant pair of sunglasses for every eventuality.

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Lindsay Lohan passes two drug tests

Lindsay Lohan wearing Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster sunglassesLindsay Lohan has passed her first two court mandated random drug tests.
As part of her DUI probation Lindsay has been ordered to stay away from alcohol and illegal substances.

Her probation stems from a 2007 arrest for which she pleaded no contest to two counts of DUI and two counts of driving under the influence of a controlled

Lindsay denied using drugs following the arrest, claiming she was wearing borrowed jeans from an assistant.

She also claimed that her then 19-year-old assistant and boyfriend ‘currently use and may have set me up’ and that her ‘mother is a user.’

She was subsequently sentenced to a day in jail and three years probation.

Last month the Mean Girls star missed a probation status hearing, choosing to stay in Cannes instead and claiming her passport had been ‘stolen.’

Following her return she attended court where Judge Revel ordered her to be fitted with the SCRAM device and to undergo weekly random drug tests.

She is due back in court on July 6 2010 to determine if she has violated the terms of her probation.

Ray-Ban sunglasses collection – Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster
Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Black on RedTextRay-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Black on RedText
Lindsay Lohan (above) deters attention away from her SCRAM bracelet (alcohol monitoring device) by shading up in style and sporting the hottest frame on the planet, the Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster.
Inspired by the fifties, but originally released in the eighties, the Clubmaster is a classic, retro frame and deserves respect. The Clubmaster is one of the most popular icons from the Ray-Ban collection and now represents an entire family of models.
Clubmaster became an icon of style and design in 1986, and signalled the birth of a timeless legend. The Clubmaster has gradually earned its place as an essential fashion accessory for men and women, the style that has become internationally famous thanks to many Hollywood stars.

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cameron Diaz has sex to stay young

Cameron Diaz wearing Dsquared 0038 sunglassesHow does Cameron Diaz maintain her beautiful smile and beach body? Sex – yes, sex.

The 37-year old tells British Vogue in its July issue: ‘I don't want to look 25 again,’

‘The fountain of youth [for me], let's see...I guess it's exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex -- yes, sex, we need that as human beings. It's healthy, it's natural, it's what we are here to do!’

However, The Knight and Day star is less forthcoming about her relationship with Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

When asked if she is in love, she wavers, ‘You know what? Yes I am. I'm in love with life.’

The California blonde recently reunited with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake on the set of romantic comedy Bad Teacher.

She says, Justin ‘plays the substitute teacher I, er, set my sights on,’

Cameron plays the role of Elizabeth Halsey, ‘a very, very bad gold digger’ looking to fund a boob job, a character that ‘doesn't give a s*** about anyone but herself. I'm sure we'll offend everyone with it, which is great.’

Dsquared sunglasses collection – Dsquared 0038
D Squared 0038D Squared 0038
Cameron Diaz has caught our attention recently. The Knight and Day star has shaken off her girl next-door image and adopted a sexier more sophisticated look. The California blond smoulders in a large pair of designer sunglasses, a guarantee of gorgeousness and glamour. Her sunglasses are big, bold and beautiful, and anything but discreet, everything you would expect from a brand as daring and dynamic as Dsquared.

Seriously sexy and super sassy the 0038 is a knockout frame, an excellent example of how the Italian couture house continues to propose even more fashionable ideas, engaging the needs of the style savvy consumer. Dsquared has disposed of the metal frame and translated it into cherry-coloured plastic for a modern look. The wide, angular frame features big round lenses for an instant shot of wow factor and is truly seventies.

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