Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Linda Farrow isn't Straight and Narrow

At Sunglasses Shop we're always excited when a new brand fills our shelves. But this time round, we're especially proud to have procured sunglasses produced by the legendary pioneer of eyewear Linda Farrow.

Famed for their eccentric and unorthodox style, Linda Farrow Projects sunglasses are the only accessory for those with the desire to stand out. Outlandish, outrageous and at times out of control, the experimental range of sunnies from Linda Farrow are truly unique in the sunglass world.
While Linda Farrow collaborates with other designers for the Projects collection, the Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses take a more luxurious approach to the eye-accessory. Merging its 70s heritage with modern day materials, Linda Farrow Luxe boasts an eclectic range of premium and directional frames for style savvy men and women.

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