Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Decade That Style Remembered

It's no surprise the Eighties are constantly labelled the decade that style forgot. Considering how common fingerless gloves and bum bags were, those years were certainly an interesting era for fashion. Garish colours and vulgar hairstyles stooped to new lows of gaudiness, and let's not even start with the music...

But although the Eighties had a few questionable trends, those who choose to write off the decade as one big fashion faux-pas are missing out. Some of our latest sunglasses collections prove there was a little more to the Eighties than perms and legwarmers.

Take the Nooka Mercury. The Eighties are truly back with a vengeance with this visor frame - unlike most frames today, there's no Sixties or Seventies influence in this electric little number from New York design company Nooka.

Even if you already own a visor sunglass, there's no way it can match the distinctive style of the Nooka Mercury. The acid colour range is totally Eighties and has already bewitched loads of celebs, including Jason Derulo, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. And if that doesn't prove the Eighties are back, then what does?


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