Tuesday, 15 November 2011

When Sunglasses Retire

History is all too easily forgotten. Unless someone's there to count and record everything that happens there's bound to be things that slip the mind. It's not so bad when we forget the dull things, but when we struggle to remember the stuff we used to treasure it's a touch more troubling.

Safilo don't want to forget a thing. Their heritage of crafting the most exquisite of sunglasses is, understandably, important to them and the reason why they pooled together their resources to open the Guglielmo Tabacchi Gallery. It's the largest collection of private eyewear in the world, with pieces dating from as far back as 1285, and a testament to all things Safilo.

Currently only open to members of the press and special guests of Safilo, the gallery features everything from oil paintings of medieval eyewear, to early design sketches of current pieces, and extensive collections of vintage sunglasses.

Some of the luckier members from the Sunglasses Shop crew were invited to the gallery for a closer look at a slice of sunglasses history. While there was some really out-there vintage sunglasses locked in the glass display cabinets, there were a few styles we recognised that have since made a comeback. They do say trends work in circles after all.

Piqued your interest? Forget about passports and plane tickets, take a virtual tour over at the site instead.

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