Thursday, 23 June 2011


It's the big one, the one that started it all. The one everyone in the world wants to go to, but only 130,000 will get tickets. And it's finally here!

Glastonbury's undoubtedly the number one music festival on the planet. It's been rocking since the Seventies, and with that much history behind it Glasto's guaranteed to be another banger of a festival this year. After dropping out last year due to Bono's back injury, U2 will headline the Pyramid Stage along with Coldplay and Beyonce, with literally hundreds of acts crammed in over the weekend.

And the legend of Glastonbury demands legendary sunglasses. The likes of Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe and Kelly Osbourne haunt the backstage area of Glastonbury, and Sunglasses Shop can't wait to see what sunnies get unleashed on the Glasto crowds!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Big Chill

Well, we're excited. Festival season is kicking off, huge tents are being put up all over the country and people everywhere are getting in the festival mood. Including Sunglasses Shop! But there's one date in particular we can't wait for...

The Big Chill! The festival we can't wait to be seen at. Kanye West, The Chemical Brothers, Rodrigo Y Gabriela... it's a high quality line up this year and we're dying for the 4th August to come around. Killer line up, killer crowds, killer sunglasses... predictable as always, Sunglasses Shop can't wait for the Big Chill to start purely because of the sunglass factor.

It's always been chilled, but The Big Chill hasn't always been big. It only started up in 1994 at a little place over in Islington, but nowadays thousands upon thousands of people descend on the new site in Herefordshire to get chilled in a very big way. That means a heck of a lot more sunglasses to gaze longingly at!

August 4th can't come quick enough. We can't wait to hear the glam-infused electronic sounds of the Empire of the Sun, or the non-booze-infused soul singing of Amy Winehouse's goddaughter Dionne Broomfield.

Company Magazine said "The original – and still the best – boutique festival". We can't wait to see if it's still true...