Thursday, 20 September 2012

The 5 Most Bizarre-Looking Vintage Sunglasses

Don't get us wrong - we love vintage sunglasses. How could we not? Most of the current trends in sunglasses are directly inspired by the shades of yesteryear. All of today's sunglasses came to life after experiments with style, but sometimes the results of those experiments caught the eye for all the wrong reasons.

#5 Ridiculously Oversized

Victoria Beckham helped springboard the oversized sunglasses trend almost ten years ago - but maybe she took her inspiration for her bug-eyed style from the dress sense of fashionistas from the past? These bug-eyed shades can definitely be called oversized... 

#4 The Blackout Effect

Probably not the most practical sunglasses - but when has fashion ever been about practicality? The silhouette of the shades are really feminine - almost cartoonishly so - and teamed with the model's pout they actually look quite good. Maybe it's time for a catwalk revival?

#3 The Asymmetric

One of the key rules of sunglasses is symmetry. They should always match - so this sixties frame from the mod sphere of fashion is about as wild as it gets. It's impossible to say what kind of face shape these would suit - if one side of your face is gently curved and the other square, maybe you should hunt down a pair.

#2 The Wraparound

Wraparound sunglasses have been on the market for years, but the concept has never been taken this far. The whole point of sunglasses is to keep sunlight away from eyes - so maybe these are the best sunglasses ever?

#1 The Venetian Blinds

Kanye West may have popularised shutter shades after famously wearing them in his video to Stronger, but he certainly didn't invent them. They first appeared halfway through the Twentieth Century, but that didn't stop Time Magazine putting Venetian Blind sunglasses at number 32 in the top 50 worst inventions of all time.

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  1. Quiet honestly, with the way that things are going with fashion today anyone of these are due for a comeback! oh, and where do we all stand on the snooki sunglasses?

  2. Snooki's definitely got her own... well, her style is unique to say the least. We'd love to see her in the sunglasses in position 2 above!

  3. They really look amazing, they have got their own style compartment, which is the controlling factor of it's gorgeousness.

  4. HA HA HA!!! I love this post so much! I think #3 would make the perfect pair of reading glasses! I wonder if you can get them bifocal?

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