Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why you should know the name Italia Independent

It's not every day you hear of a brand overtaking Ray-Ban in the sales charts. Ray-Ban is one of the most successful brands EVER and dominates the global sunglasses market - when you say “sunglasses”, most people will immediately think of “Ray-Ban”. So for a brand to outsell the big RB... well, it's pretty impressive news. Especially when it's a newcomer to the scene like Italia Independent.

Brand owner Lapo Eduard Elkann lives for fashion and style
So what's the reason behind the recent success for II? It might not be immediately apparent – there are so many designer sunglasses available right now that it isn't easy for your brand to stand out, especially among the high fashion frames constantly jostling for attention by dressing up in materials of ever-increasing luxury. 

But on closer inspection, there are a few key things that II do differently. They have a simple rule - the sunglasses must be glamorous but simple. Wearable, but not pedestrian. Casual, but never forgettable. The II eyewear offers something different and, in a market saturated by black wayfarers, that goes a long way for people hunting for new eyewear.

Sure, II have frames that cater for the more outlandish trend hunters - deep in the 2013 II range lurk the only sunglasses available on the market with a frame covered in mirrored material - and a selection of their sunglasses come dressed in a velvet material that can be washed clean. There's that rule again - glamorous, but wearable. It's no use wearing a luxurious velvet if the material gets ruined after the first wear.

It remains to be seen how the brand will fare in 2013 - will it overtake Ray-Ban in the UK sales chart? Perhaps not yet, but Italia Independent is on the rise and will be hitting the boutique websites soon. If you can't wait, browse our Italia Independent frames from the 2012 collection here.

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