Monday, 1 October 2012

Calling All Bloggers - Sunglasses Shop Miu Miu Competition

We're holding a competition. Everyone that enters has a shot at winning the pair of Miu Miu - and on top of that, everyone that enters gets a free £20 voucher to redeem at our website. 

To enter, all you've got to do is write a blog post that includes the image above AND a link to our Miu Miu section - just in case your readers like the style and want it for themselves. 

What should your post be about? Anything you want. Tell us what outfit you would wear to really get those Miu Miu sparkling. Tell us who your favourite celebrity wearers of the Miu Miu 10Ns are. Tell us whatever you want. 

A £20 voucher for our website means a hearty discount off that frame you've always lusted after, or even a free pair of £20 sunglasses (with free delivery too!). And you could show your new sunglasses off on your blog too. 

Interested in entering? Just write a post and then email with a link to it. Easy!

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