Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Prada sunglasses giveaway - free £20 voucher for all who enter!

We're feeling generous. The Prada 27NS is one of the most stunning pieces of eyewear we have on our shelves and we want to give a pair away.

The 27NS from the Prada Baroque range is one of the most lusted after accessories in the world and we are offering the chance to win it exclusively to bloggers.

All you've got to do is write a blog post that includes the image above AND a link to our website, just in case your readers like the style and want it for themselves - link to either our Prada section, our homepage or the 27NS.

What should your post be about? Anything you want. Tell us what outfit you would wear to really get those Prada working. Tell us who your favourite celebrity wearers of the Prada 27NS are. Tell us whatever you want.

We've already given away a pair of Miu Miu to profashionelle and she's delighted with her sunglasses. You could be next! 

Even if you don't win, everyone that enters gets a free £20 voucher to redeem at our website. That's a sweet discount off that frame you've been lusting after, or even a free pair of £20 sunglasses (with free delivery too!). And you could show your new sunglasses off on your blog too. 

Interested in entering? Just write a post as specified and then email with a link to it. Easy!


  1. I totally entered this. What a dreamy pair of sunglasses!! <3 Cassie @

  2. My entry! :)


  3. My link posted on Nov7:


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