Friday, 16 November 2012

Win Designer Sunglasses Of Your Choosing...

Since we're called Sunglasses Shop, it's ridiculous to say that we have hundreds of amazing pairs of designer sunglasses on our shelves. But we do - the clue's in our name! And we're feeling generous - we want to give a pair to you. Whether you're a fan of the youthful style of Miu Miu, the elegance of Chanel or the timeless cool of Ray-Ban, they're all up for grabs for the lucky winner.

If you want to win the perfect pair of sunglasses, all you have to do is write a blog post on your blog that includes everything below:

1) The sunglasses you want to win (up to a value of £200)
2) The image above
3) A link to our site that uses the word "sunglasses"

It's as simple as that. What should you write about? Tell us how you would style your new sunglasses. Tell us which celebrity you think wore them best. Tell us whatever you want - the more creative you are with your post, the better your chances of winning.

If you want to enter, write your post and then email with a link to it. Good luck!


  1. I hope you are generous with me ♥ I don't even have sunglasses since my daughter broke them :-)

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