Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Women's Sunglasses... For Men?

B.o.B is a pop musician who cares about how he looks. He's yet to reach the dizzy heights of Lady Gaga's pork-tacular wardrobe but he cares about his appearance enough to look more groomed than the average male. He's in the 27th April edition of Zoo magazine, pictured wearing the Chanel 4192Q – an aviator frame with quilted leather on the temples:

Usually Chanel sunglasses would be found on more feminine faces, but B.o.B's decided to team the Chanel frame with some designer stubble. Pop musicians at the top of their game get away with wearing whatever they want -just take a look at Lil Wayne and his face tattoos. Tattoos like that would be an obstacle for most people, but for Wayne are a defining part of his pop persona.

What do you think of B.o.B's extravagant eyewear choice? Should men get involved with more extravagant eyewear, or does 'less is more' always apply?