Friday, 8 March 2013

Sunglasses Shop is expanding its blogger program – introducing Glasses Direct

From this week, any bloggers who are part of our Blog Buzz program have the opportunity to collaborate with our partner site Glasses Direct. 

While sunglasses can be worn by just about anyone, glasses are for a very select bunch and Sunglasses Shop would like to meet some bloggers that are part of that very select bunch! If you or a friend or family member wear glasses and have experience buying from glasses retailers then we want to work with you.

Each week we send our Blog Buzz newsletter out to our little SGS community of bloggers and within the email we reveal all the juicy details of what Sunglasses Shop and Glasses Direct can offer.

We've worked with hundreds of bloggers on sponsored posts, reviews and competitions and we're always looking to meet new people to work with. So if you'd like to receive our Blog Buzz newsletter that's exclusively for bloggers, then get in contact with us through and we'll add you to the mailing list.

We hope to hear from you!


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